maandag 28 januari 2013

Foodie Penpal januari

This post will be in English cause FPP is an international event and this blog will be posted on a site for other FPP participants. This month it didn't all go according to plan, the person I had to send a package didn't have time this month and the person who had to send me one was also not reacting. Luckily I got rematched and those people did respond. I had to send a package to a girl in Leeds and I received one today from another girl from Leeds. It's always a suprise what will be in it, I had said that I loved to bake en like cooking and that I would love to get some typical English stuff. Well, typical English stuff.. that's a lot! So I was really curious when I opened the package.

the package, all the way from Leeds!

First there was a postcard with all famous sculptures from Leeds and some lovely words from Hannah. There was a lot of stuff in this package! There was cupcake decorating stuff like little marshmellows and silver tiny balls. Some english mustard and jam, some sort of cup-a-soup, only this time from the famous chef Ainsley (yeah the guy with the awfull shirts from the tv show "ready steady cook") with the flavour of scottish chicken and leek soup, I'm very curious how it will taste! She also send me stickers to put on home made stuff, so I can add the name and date on it, always wanted this! The last things were some typical English treats like a pure dark chocolate bar, a curly wurly, a milky bar and chocolat powder with fudge flavour. I'm very happy with my parcel and I'm looking forward to next month foodie penpal. If you want to join, just visit the website! 

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