dinsdag 30 april 2013

Foodie penpal April

I haven't posted a foodie penpal blog in a while, but I'm determined again to post one every month! Cause the things other foodies send me is amazing! This month I was again arranged with someone from England, Jessie Kay from Brighton. Who also has a blog: http://www.imake2.blogspot.nl/ you should check it out!

This morning I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I knew it was the mailmen and then I realized, my fpp package! It was quit big as you can see.

 It's always a big suprise opening the package cause you have no idea what they send you. Although i knew there would be some baking stuff in it, still she could have bought me some whole different stuff. There was a cute card from her explaining the miso soup, i got really excited cause I've always wanted to make that soup! There are four packages with miso paste, so people who are having dinner with me these days, you will get miso soup, haha! I got even more exctied when I saw 'Guinness' on something, I loveee Guinness. So i digged in to get the Guinness thing and it are peanuts and cashews, seasoned with flavours of Guiness and steak. They were delicious! (yes, 'were', I've allready eaten them all)

She also send me a package of Sesame snaps, i always see them in the shop and want to buy them but I never do. Don't ask me way cause they aren't expensive or something, but now I can finaly try them!

Miso soup paste and sesame snaps

Then we get to the baking part, "mini butterscotch chips, how cool is that!

 Freeze dried raspberry pieces, omg, do they even make this! Super nice! And then a Valencian orange extract, I loveeee oranges! I've allready used it in my orangecrèmetarte and it was delicious!

Then the last thing, the biggest item in the box, a very chique package with dark chocolate gingers in it. I just had to try it immediatly and I fell in love with them instantly. The rich taste of gingercookies coated with a rich layer of dark chocolate. I'm going to try to be carefull with them not to eat them at once. But I think this is allready a lost case.


Jessie I want to thank you again for the real nice package! I love it all! I hope you've had a good swap yourself!

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  1. I am so glad you liked them! I haven't seen my package at the moment as I am away but will post about mine around May 10 :) xx