vrijdag 30 november 2012

Foodie Penpal

Deze blog zal in het Engels zijn omdat foodie penpal een internationaal gebeuren is en mensen die meedoen aan dit 'evenement' graag ook willen kunnen lezen over andermans pakketjes.

This month was the first time I participated in this event called foodie penpal. In this event you get paired up every month with two people, one to send a package to and one from who you will receive a package. You get to spend 10 euros on food stuff for this other person, then you will write a personal note and bring it to a post office. At the end of the month everyone writes a blog about the package they received. So here is my review!

I got paired up with a girl from England, but unfortunatly she didn't respond so I got paired up with a new person. This time it was Alice from Denmark who did react and asked me what I wanted. Well, I thought it would be awesome to get typical Danish stuff, so she decided to send me a typical Danish Christmass package. Within two weeks I received my package and I was so happy!

It allready smelled delicious and it looked cute. She wrote me a personal letter with information about everything what was in it. She send me  lot of ingrediënts so I can make it all myself, cause I told her I really liked baking. This what was in it:

A bag of 'Pebernodder', it sounds very familiar to the Dutch 'pepernoten', it has almost the same ingrediënts except for the cardamom. It tasted very good! She also gave me the recipe for it and the spices for it. So I will certainly make them! There was a bag of Gloggmix, after googling I found out that it's glühwein, she also included a recipe for this as well. There was pudding rice and Risengrod spices so I can make a typical Danish dessert called Risalamande. And she send me a figur of a 'nisse', a kind of gnome from a typical Danish christmasstory. So Christmas will be a bit Danish this year at my parents house cause I'm determined to make everything she send me!  My parcel also arrived in Greece, it's full with typical Dutch St. Nicholas stuff. I hope she will like it. I really like my package and I'm very enthusiastic about this event, I'm really looking forward to the next foodie penpal month. For more information about it: http://thisisrocksalt.com/foodie-penpals/  

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